Spring melt

After the unusually mild and short winter the early spring birds are moving in to fill up the spaces and eat all the Sunflower seeds. Typically at this time of year Red-winged Blackbirds and Common Grackles flood in, Song Sparrows are around their usual places and hawks start to move north.

I’ve been out, as usual, but not had any photo opportunities to speak of, hence the lack of pretty (or otherwise) pictures here. I have been messing around with the blog, as you can see. I’ve updated the tabs so if you want to read the trip report and see some Panama pictures you can now. I’m going to steadily add stuff, my dragonflies will be next so if you have already visited the old dragonfly site, don’t bother here when the revision is made until the lazy sods start flying again.

I also intend to upload as many of our previous trip reports, with pictures, as possible but it all takes time, I’d quite like to put some old Notts stuff up too but I’ll have to sort out permission for some of the images. We will now be in the March-early April lull here until all the real summer stuff gets going in May. We are off to Cuba shortly so expect some photos etc unless they don’t let us in.