The season begins

Today was quite glorious and so I spent time out around my area hoping for a few migrants. Year firsts were Least Flycatcher and five White-crowned Sparrows, the latter being in the garden. Another garden bird was Yellow-bellied Sapsucker which seem to be commoner in the area this year. At Bordelais Bog I managed to find my first dragonfly of the year, a Four-spotted Chaser still showing slightly leathery wings from its recent emergance. Later I was buzzed by an unidentified aeshnid so the season for odonata is underway. I have yet to populate the Quebec Odonata pages but I will get around to it.

Below a few images, pity work has to get in the way of spring, yet again but I should manage a few evenings out, its time to go and try for Whip-poor-will.

This top class sparrow is always a welcome sight.

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker head shot.

Not quite so impressive as a bright male.


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