Quiet weekend

Not much happening at the moment although the appearance of Autumn Meadowhawks says it all really, winter is on the way!

Rain has been a recent factor again and the water levels on the Chemin de l’Anse have risen excluding the shorebirds for a while. The rain seems to have terminated the flight periods of some species, perhaps an Indian Summer is around the corner though and maybe there are still a few weeks dragonflying left, if there is they will soon hopefully be vying with the arrival of those pesky fall warblers.

By way of supplying a few pictures to look out I venutred around Bordelais Bog and environs, see below.

A grump of  Black-capped Chickadees alerted me to the presence of two young Racoons lounging in the garden, they showed complete indifference to me, stretching and yawning before edging down the tree and away. Only Racoons sure but for us Europeans always nice to see.

Autumn Meadowhawk (female), I’ll try to find a male next.

This Spotted Spreadwing was a nice garden tick. The bottom shot shows the spots on the underside.

Flying Canadian Darner, not easy to photograph!


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