Yellow-throated Warbler

Normally bird info in Quebec does not travel at speed, the culture here is different and more like the grapevine system used in the UK pre the paid bird information services. When bird info does get aired, actual directions can be erratic or absent, such was the case today when Ornitho-QC anounced that a Yellow-throated Warbler was present in Parc Marie-Victorin at Longueuil on the south shore. Despite Google maps assuring us that no such place existed, we vaguely remembered looking for a Pacific Loon there about five years ago so, after watching Sunderland thump Chelsea, we went on-spec.

On arrival no birders were evident but we walked the paved route and came across a small group of Black-capped Chickadees after a few minutes. I told Sandra to expect it to be rather Black-and-White Warbler like in behavior, hugging the tree so to speak. Suddenely she declared that she had it and there it was, fizzing about, part warbler, part nuthatch with a throat that defines the colour yellow. It was super active and I managed a few snaps before the flock moved quickly around the trees, eventually flying off. The great views more than made up for missing one a few years ago one cold afternoon in Sherbrooke!

Inspired by having had a Quebec tick we headed back via Ste-Catherine and Rue Titanic to try for a White-winged Dove, present for a while but without directions since its discovery. I had a sinking feeling that we would not score but funnelled our efforts into trying to make it a two QC tick day. We did multiple circuits of the area around Rue Titanic but it cut no ice, I can’t really fathom why the finders, whose yard it frequents, can’t be a bit more specific. We did see an urban Merlin on watch from a garden tree, later we saw the same bird take a dove!!! Despite being in the most urban of settings we stopped the car and had a look. it was just a luckless Mourning Dove and not the WWD, phew! So from the heights of success at Parc Marie-Victorin to the depths of failure on Rue Titanic, such is the birding in Quebec.

Below a few warbler shots, those of you who found five puns in the previous paragraph, well done!


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