Magic hummers

An active set of hummingbird feeders are a joy to behold. If you had to rely on the chance sighting of the birds in the forests you would just get a whir of wings and a fleeting glimpse, feeders give you plenty of time to fully appreciate their complicated lives. At Rancho the feeders are replenished before dawn and the hummers arrive in the first glimmer of light. As always it takes a little while to get to grips with the new species, to the point where you don’t need to look too closely for an ID. You notice how one species dominates, how the different calls mean different things, and just how pugnacious they are, they embody the ‘little man’ syndrome.

Below are a selection of shots, all from the Rancho balcony, some better than others.

Brown Violet-ear, only one or two individuals were usually present.

Bronze-tailed Plumeleteer, one of the less conspicuous species

Green-breasted Mango, pretty common, this ones a female.

Rufous-tailed Hummingbird – the ubiquitous Neotropical hummingbird.

The superb Green Thorntail, scarce but a daily visitor. A tiny bundle of fun.

White-necked Jacobin, probably the commonest species.

Violet-crowned Woodnymph – a superb hummer.


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