Slide copying

Not many birds around at present, not hearing of Snowy Owls anywhere yet. I did the pits and lanes around St-Clet yesterday. A bunch of Wild Turkeys at the feeder on St-Emmanuelle. An immature Northern Gray Shrike and a few Bohemian Waxwings at the pits. The Common Redpoll flock there is about a third what it was last week, no Hoary that I could see.

We dropped in to Bureau en Gros (Staples) for ink this weekend and they were selling off a little piece of kit called the ITNS-301 slide copier. The thing actually copies slides and negatives and is a compact self contained unit that allows you to feed four slides at a time and save them to an SD card (not provided). The images come out at a good size as j.pegs and can be edited. If you, like me, have boxes full of dormant slides this might be for you and at $72.00CAN it is not too pricey. Below four slides copied just to show what it does. Some of these slides are 25 years old!

This Barn Owl was hunting late afternoon. A print from the slide always gave a pleasing image.

A Common Tern at Colwick Park Nottingham

This Manx Shearwater was the second we had during my 15 years as a Colwick Park Warden.

This Northern Gannet was picked up exhausted at Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham. When we heard about it John Hopper and myself went to see it. Nobody was around so we took it out of the Rabbit hutch they had it in and my friend John held it for the photo. The Gannet responded by slashing John’s hand with its razor sharp ‘talons’. I’d seen hundreds of Gannets at this point (but not in Notts) and never noticed their spectacular feet. Oh how we agonised as to whether we could tick it! It was some years until a tickable bird arrived in Notts. I was also lucky enough to have an adult fly through Colwick in later years. I think John still has the scar from the bird. I scanned John out of the picture because, to be honest, the Gannet is the looker here!


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