End of another year

The last day of the year, last page in the notebook, everything is new tomorrow. Perhaps there are not many ‘addictions’ where the New Year is so significant, the starting of a new year list which may just be an accumulation of your sightings or you can actively chase to better previous scores, whatever you do its all brand new tomorrow so enjoy. Happy New Year everyone.

Looking back I’ve been pretty busy blogging. The dragonfly ID pages will be completed before the first one flies, the pits annotated checklist is also nearing completion. I may find time to start the Quebec butterfly ID pages in 2011, I hope so, I’d also appreciate it if anyone wanted to do a translation of the dragonfly stuff into French, I’m sure that there are plenty of Francophone birders who would be interested in expanding their knowledge if the resource was available.

Birding recently has been rubbish, still no owls although today I signed off the year with 36 species in a short sortie including two each of Northern Gray Shrike and Pileated Woodpecker. There are also 600+ Snow Buntings around St-Clet with a few Lapland Longspurs thrown in. As I write the thermometer says 6 degrees C, I can’t help but think winter is waiting somewhere for us.

I usually put a few stats up at the end of the year so:

Life list: 2581, 81 additions from trips to Cuba & Costa Rica plus adjustments for splits and lumps.

QC list: 310, four additions.

QC self found list: 280, two additions, Marbled Godwit and Cattle Egret.

Pits: No additions this year so still 200, total visits now 862,  110 this year, 136 species seen there this year by me.

Garden: 82 species, one addition – Yellow Warbler, list now at 143.

Dragonflies: List now 78 species, 74 this year.

N. American list: 942, ABA list 520.

Total birding days: 7073, 218 this year.

I usually put my favourite photo from the year up now but this year I’m just using this lousy one, taken today, of part of the Snow Bunting flock plus the odd longspur.


2 thoughts on “End of another year

  1. Only 218 birding days this year? So what did yu don on the ther 140 odd days and what is the official definition of a birding day? I thought every day was a birding day for you.

    Excellent stats … Good luck in 2011. Well be doing he CBC down St Clet way on Sunday so here’s hoping the Snowy Buntings stich about, one of my favourites.

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