A bit better than yesterday

Saturday 1st January 2011 was cancelled due to fog although I did manage 16 species for the day!

Sunday was a much better day weather-wise, its has been mild here with 6 degrees and melting snow. Bird-wise I saw more, I managed to find a flock of 75 or so Common Redpoll with at least 1 Hoary (Arctic) Redpoll present.  Bohemian Waxwings were easy to find again, 45 by the Solange Canal at Les Cedres but no longspurs so far.

Once home I downloaded my emails and saw a message from a local birder/photographer to our email group regarding  a Boreal Owl at Bois Papineau, north of Montreal on Laval (thanks Chuck). I’ve only seen Boreal Owl twice so we went ‘on-spec’ and eventually found three photographers looking up. The bird was partially obscured all of the time we were there and backlit but gave great views through the bins. If you want to try for it cross the railway at the first crossing from the car park, take the first track left for about 400m then look for the well trodden path to the right, the bird was on the left about 25m in from the main track parallel to the railway, look for the trodden ground, its reported to have been there four weeks, good luck.

Below my record shots.


One thought on “A bit better than yesterday

  1. Nice owl … FYI Jean and I had a tiny grouplet of eight Longspurs this afternoon on the CBC mucking about in some roadside salty grit along a short road just off the 201. Also a couple of Horned Larks and a large group of Turkeys (got a photo of them).

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