Never pass up the chance of a Hawk Owl

The dearth of Snowy Owls this winter continues but is being made bearable by a mini invasion of Northern Hawk Owls, or, more likely, news of them is now getting out again. Today we travelled off Gatineau way looking for one of three reported birds in the general area. We had been that way before about three years ago and enjoyed great views of a Hawk Owl doing what they do best, ignoring you.

The Hawk Owl has been present for about a month or so along snowy rough lanes in the dumbles north of Gatineau, not far from the town of Low. The habitat looks very birdy and the owl has been seen being mobbed by Gray Jay and Black-backed Woodpecker amongst other species during its stay. No such luck today but the owl was there, holding vigil on its ‘look at me’ bare twig and with a couple of people there to enjoy it.  During our stay it launched into all too brief hunting sallies, catching nothing but great to see.

Below a few shots taken without going past the ‘privee’ sign seemingly hastily erected. Quite why the landowners felt it was necessary is beyond me as hunters are allowed to stomp all over these areas where as all birders and photographers want to do is venture a short way into a frozen field for a better illumanted shot. Such is the World.

A digishot, still lousy at it!


One thought on “Never pass up the chance of a Hawk Owl

  1. Glad you could make it down to Gatineau to see our beautiful Hawk Owl. Tell me do you intend on going to see the Willow Ptarmigan recently identified in Notre-Dame-de-Lorette?

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