Unexpected garden tick

After what can only be described as an abysmal week weather wise, today was much better. The stormy weather appears to have gone and the people of the Richeleu Valley can go back home to pump out their basements and re-erect their ‘Privee  – access interdit’ signs. For some reason Quebec is bailing them out financially, I thought that was what insurance was all about. I digress.

Despite the weather I did visit the pits daily this past week passing the 900 visit mark. I saw American Black Tern there on Thursdayand the first Eastern Kingbird of the year was seen there earlier in the week  by Greg, another pits watcher. Slowly but surely the summer gaps in the list fill up.

Today was OK. I was at the pits at around 05:15 when there were way too many Canada Geese to bother looking at, so I tried at the Base de Plein Air end. Almost immediately I had a calling Eastern Screech Owl for only the second time ever there. Also new for the Pits year were Swamp Sparrow and Wild Turkey, not much else to report though.

Moving on I eventually ended up on the Grande Montee just over the border into Ontario. I passed the first Solitary Sandpiper of the year on a flooded field, then a Least Sandpiper on another muddy patch. At my regular site at the junction of Montee and Demaine I had at least four Eastern Meadowlarks and two Upland Sandpipers, nothing posing for photos though.

I made my way home and decided to drop into Bordelais Bog on the way where ten or so Myrtle Warblers picked the bugs off the trees, no sign of the dozen (a corrosion off) Rusty Blackbirds that had been present there the night before unfortunately.

After Saturday morning domestics we had our lunch on the deck and, directly overhead, a blob morphed into a Sandhill Crane when looked at through bins, garden tick 144. Now I’ve put some pretty lousy shots on from time to time but I think the crane shot beats them all, followed closely by Rusty Blackbird.

Things can only get (a bit) better from here on in.

Rusty Blackbird. Badlight, bad knees, sick cat, low pay, just crap. Pick one.

Myrtle Warble, and below nearly showing its myrtle.


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