Sharp-tailed Grouse

We took  advantage of Queen Victoria`s birthday and visited Manitoulin Island in Ontario, specifically, to look for Sharp-tailed Grouse. By pure chance an Ontbirds posting had reported birds that very week and, being Ontarian birders,they know how to give directions!

It is a bit of a trek but we had never been and so we settled in for the long drive. We left Montreal at midday and arrived in Sudbury at 20:30,  just in time to get a room, eat some food and crash. Up at four the next day we were bright and early on site and there they were. Up to eight birds appeared to be present, occasionally lekking but mostly just munching the Dandelions. The whole area was a pleasure to bird and it was great to have the constant sight and sound of many Sandhill Cranes.

Below a few photos, they were never very close!

Below an arty Sandhill Crane, it was an accident!

Raven through the hotel window


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