More recent stuff

The weather is picking up, 52 degrees C in the car at lunchtime!

Yesterday I did an extended pits visit, mainly for the dragonflies which are abundant now. The walk added Common Baskettail to my pits odes list, there was also still an Osprey around, they are breeding somewhere close by I think. Also likely breeding is American Bittern, one watched me as I picked my way along the shoreline where a remarkable number of dead fish were present. I’m not sure what type, they looked rather bream like. I tried calling out Sora and Virginia Rail with no response so I don’t thing there are any.

Today I dropped in on the local Canada Warbler which continues to sing away, it responds very well to imitations of its song but rarely sits out in the open. Any sort of whistle also attracts the local White-throated Sparrows with the female happy to glare while the male hides his splendours in the vegetation.

A few photos below, enjoy.

A little set of Canada Warbler shots.

And some White-throated Sparrow shots.

Lancet Clubtail

Eastern Forktail showing its fork and facing east.


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