Wilson’s Snipe etc.

A hot day of 30+ degrees C was perfect for the dragonflies making them very active, ot so good for those trying to photograph them though and so mixed results were had. We had a look around varous sites on Rigaud Mountain, actually a hillock but an attractive area nonetheless. For the aforementioned reasons activity was high and the dragonflies higher. We moved on to Cooper’s Marsh at Lancaster in Ontario. For some reason what should be a great ode site is very poor, still we made up for it with a few birds. See below.

This patient Wilson’s Snipe sat very unconcerned on its pile of vegetation while we snapped away. Its a pity it was slightly backlit but I’m not complaining. Cooper’s Marsh seems to have a healthy Wilson’s Snipe population, we had several drumming overhead too.

Green Herons were a constant feature, mostly flying to and frm their latest frog. Virginia Rails were vocal and one ran around under the decaying boardwalk until it got bored with us. On previous visits Soras have been present but no luck this time.

A little back country road between Rigaud and Cooper’s was well worth a stop and will be investigated more fully at a later date. A nice farm pond was swarming with common species of dragonfly and what were presumably localy breeding Chimney Swifts were coming down to drink. Had their been some access I’d have liked to try to photograph that.

Female Common Whitetail ovipositing.

Top, Dunn Skipper and below, Peck’s Skipper, both rapid flying grassland species. I think the Peck’s is new for me but, to be honest, I don’t chase every tiny skipper that whirrs past.

Horned Clubtail, a new species for me and one whose flight period finishes soon so I was glad to find it.


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