Duck Dip

I went over to the Richelieu River yesterday looking for the Fulvous Whistling-Duck, no joy, it had gone off to who knows where. I’d have gone the day before (and seen it) but nature had decided we were due some snow, six inches on my drive, and the snow tires had to go on amongst other things. So its been fairly typical this week, dipping two Canada and Quebec ticks but the fairly easy drive over to the site was nothing compared to the trip a guy I met there had had, He’d twitched the bird from British Columbia and I’m sure I detected from his accent that he originated from the UK, crazy people!

After seeing the Snowy Owl last week one birder commented that there had been 29 reports for Quebec so far, perhaps its going to be a good winter for seeing them. I’ve looked a couple of times since without success, perhaps the snow will make them bolder. There are tons of Snow Buntings around though, maybe up to a couple of thousand around the St-Clet fields, more snow will push them to the roadsides so I’ll know better then, in the meantime its gone gray and mild and so if something did pop up the light would be pretty poor for photos.

Locally we have Chris Dodds, wildlife photographer extraordinaire, speaking village theatre in Hudson on 30-Nov., tickets are $15.00, proceeds to Le Nichoir,  you can reserve a ticket by emailing




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