End of year report

First a nice picture of a Snow Bunting, then the stats for the year so if you only come here for the photos, bye bye.

At the end of each year I write up the statistics for the year relating to how much or how little I actually got out birding. This year I made a concious effort to get out more.

Birding days out – i.e going out specifically to look for birds & wildlife = 293 making a life total of 7366.

Visits to St-Lazare sand pits birding etc. = 228 making a life total of 1090.

Life lists: World –  2614, ABA area list  – 550, Quebec list  – 316, Pits list  – 208.

2011 year list 467, 2011 Quebec year list 227. 2011 pits year list 163.

Quebec continued to frustrate where rarities are concerned and I missed a few things and resolved not to travel far unless I can make a proper trip of it.

The North American list was bolstered by the Arizona trip with hopefully more to follow, yes you can see 740 North American species in a year with luck, effort and resources, I suspect I can only claim one of those criterea, the middle one. The same Arizona trip added to the World list, for that to increase significantly in the future a few trips are needed, trips currently outside of our scope but who knows?

Next year could be interesting. I intend to consolodate the dragonflies, work on the butterflies and keep on with those birds. I might need to think about my local patch but I say that every year and still end up down there and still get pleasantly surprised sometimes.

I hope you have enjoyed my blog, all 185 posts (I’m sort of presuming some of you did get past the Snow Bunting) and I will strive to entertain and inform next year when I may carry on with my memoirs, click on 1981 at the begining of the post if you don’t know what I mean. I’ll also be constructing my bird guiding pages in January so we will see where that goes.

Good birding.

Mark (and Sandra)


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