Finally some snow

After getting away with it for a while, the winter snow finally showed up on Thursday/Friday. Not too much, about six inches or so, enough to bring a UK highway to a 24 hour standstill obviously, but not too bad here.  On the down side it does stop you getting out, the roads are entertaining and its best not to get inthe way of the snow ploughs, some do annually and don’t the following year, cosy as they are then in their new residences below the frost line.

The change of landscape has seen the garden feeders working overtime, the Pileated Woodpeckers have been particularly busy, interestingly, when they are attending the smaller birds hang back. I counted that the Black-capped Chickadees visited the Sunflower seed bucket 27 times in four minutes but only twice in the same period when the Pileateds where around. My Sunflower seed bucket is actually a recycled hanging basket holder of the type you are now expected to dump after one season, they make a great bulk feeder.

After snow dumps, the white birds around the St-Clet lanes tend to be braver and so it turned out when we nipped out for an hour or so this afternoon. One of the female Snowy Owls sat on a house roof not too far from the road. Although the bird was well placed for viewing and digiscoping, the lack of snow on the roof was a clue as to why that spot was popular, the heat haze coming off the roof meant that the shots are only of record quality.


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