Just back from a great week in Panama where we saw around 220 species including a few ticks, which is nice. As soon as I get a few photos processed I’ll be posting, so expect a busy rest of the week from me. We left Panama’s 34 degrees of pleasant sunshine behind with some reluctance but it was only -8 when we landed in Quebec five hours later, at least there appears to have been no more snow. I would say that Panama, and particularly the Gamboa Rainforest Resort would be the ideal venue for a first tropics visit for any birder and the place is great for non birders to get away to too. This was our second visit to the same place and we were worried that our memories of the first would be tainted if we had had a bad experience, we need not have worried.

For now here is a photo of a Whooping Motmot, they used to be called Blue-crowned but a recent split, whereby a species with a large range is divided up into several different species, made life interesting for us having seen them all, I’m not sure the Motmots give a hoot or a whoop about it all though.


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