Heermann’s Dip

After writing this the gull record was later retracted and it is now considered to be a Ring-billed Gull in a really weird plumage, I wonder where it went?

Yesterday there was an adult Heermann’s Gull seen at Ottawa. The news broke late afternoon and I didn’t think we could actually make it in daylight. It turned out to be a bad choice because there was no sign today. It was seen on both the Ontario and Quebec side making it a new species for Quebec and a bad one to miss. It might still be around, it might even wander into Quebec again so I’ll check the Lachute tip at some point this week. We did drop in to Lafleche Road tip, 30 or so Glaucous and 15 Iceland Gulls  were there but the birds were not settled. While looking for the Heermann’s on the Quebec side we came across this Pileated Woodpecker which Sandra snapped with her Panasonic. The picture is straight from the camera, just resized, no sharpening or adjustment.

After the site reorganization it won’t be obvious when I do page updates. I’ve written the years 1991 & 1992 and I’ll be uploading them this week when I’ve scanned a few images. Just keep checking back by holding your mouse over the ‘Birder’s Life’ tab at the top of the page.


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