Balmy ten degrees

It was a beautiful early spring morning today so, instead of tapping the computer keyboard all day, I went off to Hungry Bay near Valleyfield. The ice is breaking up in the bay and, with nil breeze, I didn’t even need a coat. Snow Geese were arriving all morning, I reckon there were about 3,000 along with 1,000 Canada Geese. I also got to use my very best Franglais when couple of ladies and their young child engaged me in conversation. Actions speak louder than words so I set the scope up on the geese and they were delighted with what they saw. They hoped to see the Pygargue (Bald Eagle), I told them to keep an on the geese and when they go into a melee, look up, I couldn’t think of the translation for ape-sh*t.

Besides the geese there were still plenty of Common Goldeneyes and Common Mergansers around. A pair of Red-breasted Mergansers mixed in with the raft looked pristine and ready for the new breeding season, unfortunately they were a bit too distant for a snap. I was there a couple of hours and it was a constant stream of Ring-billed Gulls going up the Beauharnois Canal, when I got to the Beauharnois Hydro there were hundreds gathering on the ice, ready to reclaim their colony from the receding snow.

Near St-Timothee a tree full of Red-winged Blackbirds chorused away with their not quite musical but not unattractive song, strangely they were the only ones I saw all day. A quick trip around the St-Clet lanes on the way back was rewarded by the continuing present of the male Snowy Owl on it’s usual hump. Just south of St-Clet I came across some bushes still covered in berries but a couple of American Robins were doing their level best to rectify that. A nearby Song Sparrow was new for the year.

I thought I’d done for the day but when I got home the local American Crows announced the presence of my first Turkey Vulture of the year, well in Canada at least. A little latter on, while I was on the roof shifting the snow to prevent an ice dam,  the same crows chased a dark form Rough-legged Hawk as it circled north overhead, a pretty good day.


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