April Tomfoolery

April 1st always brings out something entertaining in the birding world, below is a message from Lev Frid on Ontbirds this morning. Birders, check out the bird on the link.

<Hi Birders,
I was strolling along the lakefront in Toronto this morning wielding only an everything bagel and a double-double and only had my small camera with me, when an interesting gull flew by. I managed to get one mediocre picture. My best guess is Great Black-backed Gull but this didn’t look like the photos in my field guide. It had a much longer bill and tail than in any photos I saw, and the black didn’t actually go up to the back of the bird. It looked a lot bigger than the other gulls nearby, but I know size is difficult to judge. Otherwise it looked pretty good for Black-backed, but especially at this time of year who knows what might show up! I have the picture here for those interested – http://www.flickr.com/photos/levfrid/6887464542/sizes/l/

It’s probably nothing but I wanted it to get out there just in case. You can e-mail me privately for directions. I also saw some canadian geese (unsure of species), and some kind of eagle off Royal York on my way back.
Happy April!

From Ohio a report of a Stygian Owl – http://www.flickr.com/photos/haans42/6888476116/in/photostream

I hope nobody ‘went’ for them!


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