A good Mourning

Bright and breezy with the odd downpour seems to be our lot at the moment. Today was clear but cool which kept the bugs down a bit, which was nice. I started by visiting St-Lazare sand pits (surprise) enjoying closer views of the three Dunlin from yesterday and noting that the Least Sandpiper flock now contained 45 birds. In the pocket wood things were quiet until a tchebec alerted me to a Least Flycatcher which I managed a snap of by peering through the foliage that is rapidly thickening. As I was about to depart a musical jangling from a roadside tree top revealed the presence of a Bobolink. My only previous records for the pits were of birds passing over in autumn, so a singing male was much appreciated.

Last week I checked out a trail under the power lines at Rigaud called L’escapade. It was pretty quiet then, today it was alive with singing Chestnut-sided Warblers and Red-eyed Vireos right by the parking area. Encouraged I walked the trail a bit, finding a singing Yellowthroat in every scrub patch. By a small stone bluff I caught a movement low down in the brush which turned out to be a Mourning Warbler which went on to give great views. Having recently arrived it was pretty active so I could only manage a few shots using manual focus so apologies for the poor images.

A rubbish digiscoped shot of the three Dunlin at St-Lazare sand pits. I think the camera took more of a blow than I thought when it bounced around the floor of our room in Cuba.

Our summer resident Yellow-bellied Sapsucker goes to work on a new tree, the old one has dried up.

The best I could manage of the Least Flycatcher.

The sun was a bit intense washing out the subtle white tones on this Chestnut-sided Warbler.

A confident Common Yellowthroat.

I think I’ll have to go back on a duller day to try for better shots of the Mourning Warbler, still you can tell what it is.


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