Cuban Dragonflies

My good lady wife reminded me that I had not posted any images of Cuban dragonflies yet so here they are. I have no idea what any of them are, there does not appear to be any sort of reference for the area so we can make up our own names. You will likely realise, as you scroll through them that I already have.


Band-winged Common-thing

Vague Darter

Brown-banded Nipper

Great Green Bug-eater

Centre-lined Yellow-orange

Neat-looking Little Glider

Yappy-dog Eater (wish!)

See, told you I made them up!



5 thoughts on “Cuban Dragonflies

  1. Hi, I wondered is you might know about this dragonfly.
    Walk along Maria la Gorda beach
    There were many of these at Maria la Gorda on the west coast of Cuba. It looks like a scarlet dragonfly but I can’t find any reference to it being in the Americas.

  2. Me again 😉 I know next to nothing about dragonflies, but I thought it was possible that your “Centre-lined Yellow-orange” dragonfly is actually a female Scarlet Skimmer. Love your little dragonfly names!

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