Larking about

The fine weather continues here in Quebec and has effectively halted migration in my area for the tme being. Shorebird numbers are increasing daily at St-Lazare sand pits but none of the less common species have dropped in yet. I nipped over into Ontario to take a look at the Alfred Sewage lagoons anow that work on the east cell has been completed. The bad news is that the water levels are high and the new tank is just that, a big tank full of water. Evaporation should drop the level a little over the summer and if the good people of the area can be persuaded to eat lots of beans and curry then the lagoon should start to produce ‘solid’ ground for the shorebirds to stand on.

The west cell was pretty good with plenty of Ruddy Ducks, Redheads and American Coots and calling Soras and Virginia Rails. I was pleased to see a pair of Blue-winged Teal, they have been scarce this year around me, there was also a male Wilson’s Phalarope there but I couldn’t find the female. On the way home I checked out the Grand Montee and was rewarded with great views of Upland Sandpipers, back in territory once more. If you are local and want to go to look for them, take the road south from the last exit on highway 40 before you get to Ontario going west. Go south until you come to a right for the nudist camp (not visible with a high powered telescope) and park there, the birds are best seen at dawn in my experience.

So here are a few snaps, nothing great.

My first Black Swallowtail of the year.

American Bittern flying away.

A pair of bonking Green Darners.

A singing Swamp Sparrow.

Eastern Phoebe busy catching breakfast for bebe.

Eastern Meadowlark.


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