Hummer fun

Each year from May through September we have had the odd Ruby-throated Hummingbird drop in for a drink at our regular hummer feeder. Gallons of nectar have been donated to the ants in the cause but the maintenance of the feeder has always been worth it to enable us to enjoy our occasional visitors. This year we tried a few of the basket feeders too, they sit on a spike in a hanging basket and the hummers come along and are attracted first by the visual of the basket, then they drink.

Our first bird this year was a male that chose to drop in one weekend lunch time as we sat and ate our bacon sandwiches on the deck with the cameras in the house. So for the past couple of weeks the camera has sat on the table whenever any garden sitting has occurred. Yesterday I was in luck when three different females came calling. Amazingly then even sat in one of our pines about a foot apart and took turns to drink about once every fifteen minutes. Normally a resting Ruby-throat is nervous and shuns attention but one of the trio was a true star and happily sat for snaps. The extended time spent in the garden was also rewarded with only my third ever Twin-spotted Spiketail dragonfly, an unexpected addition to the garden list.

The pits are off limits until Sunday, its the annual nocturnal walk for life which they hold at the Base de Plein Air. A worthy cause but quite why they need blaring disco music to do it by is beyond me, it was still thumping away at 05:00 this morning. I’m wondering whether they have disturbed the Whip-poor-wills which breed right where they hold the event, they probably have no idea that they are even there. I’ll be out tomorrow evening looking for Common Nighthawks anyway so fingers crossed.

Here are a few photos, the dark ones of the hummer were accidentally taken on manual at the wrong settings.


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