Great Bug

You see lots of interesting bugs around, bright green things, crimson things, bugs with more legs than is reasonable but, sometimes, one strikes you (not literally) as how fantastic it looks. I recently saw a Phantom Crane Fly with the sun behind it at Parc Mont Tremblant, it looked like something from Star Trek. Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo but there is one here:

After posting this I found another near Poine Fortune, image this with the sun behind, neat eh? Here are the images:

While on a trail at Rigaud a couple of days ago I saw this apparition

It is a Lunar Giant Ichneumon, a parasitic wasp. It was about six inches long but most of it was tail, see below.

I’ve never seen one quite like this before and I’ve been out with the bugs for years.

Incidentally – I’m moving all of the dragonfly stuff to the Quebec Odonata site, this might be especially interesting to my readers in Indonesia who outnumbered those from the UK on one date recently and hi to Guatamala. Out of interest, one day I’ll stick a list up of visits by country, I was fascinated by the diversity of viewers, you live and learn.


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