I’ve been busy recently with the dragonflies visiting Pointe-des-Cascades and Paul Smith’s College in New York state. The former site is a nice little park with a good range of habitats and it usually has a good selection of birds to enjoy. The dragonflies are quite good too but, the park suffers from the unwelcome attentions of yobs who light fires, dump stolen cars and generally make a good case for birth control by bullet. There is also the problem of loiterers, men, who like the seclusion of the site instead of going downtown to the gay quarter and playing hide the sausage there. To be fair they never bother me, I had fifteen years of the same problem when I was the Warden at Colwick Country Park, if you make enough noise like you would if Bears were around they flush. On the up side, the town has now installed a barrier, have two twelve year olds manning (or is that teening) it and take names and registration numbers when you enter.

Below are a couple of shots if a Great Egret, the second one just at the point of impact.

Last Sunday we went to New York State to visit the Adirondacks reserve at Paul Smith’s college. As usual there was plenty to look at, details of the dragonflies on the odes page, link on the sidebar. I also caught up with a Black-throated Blue Warbler, a fleeting look and not great photo.

I’ve not been neglecting St-Lazare sand pit, there was a Short-billed Dowitcher there yesterday and there are two, possibly three singing Field Sparrows now. One nice new species I saw was a Smooth Greensnake. I’m trying to get into herps more and so it was good to see something a little different from the Garter Snakes.

The pits bird year list stands at 136, I don’t expect too many more additions until late July when the shorebirds should get more interesting.


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