That time of year

Spring is gone, summer is here and the birds are all busy making their replacements, thank goodness for having the dragonflies and butterflies to look at is all I can say. I’ve been diligantly covering St-Lazare sand pits but the avian activity in terms of migration has ground to a halt. until the shorebirds arrive. The pair of American Wigeon that arrived a couple of weeks ago are changing into eclipse plumage, joining the Mallards and the odd Black Duck in looking truly aweful. The Common Terns didn’t nest, which is a good thing, as the water level is falling quickly and the once inaccessible spits and north bank can now be walked, as they were yesterday by dog walkers. Anglers are also arriving to prey on the trapped fish which are almost literally ‘fish in a barrel’, I wish they’d either stick to the path or all clear off somewhere else but what can I do short of setting Bear Traps?

In the course of my visits locally, mostly because I’m working on the dragonflies see, I’ve seen a few things which surprised me. A pair of Brown Thrashers with young at Cedarbrook where I have never heard a singing bird. A Canada Warbler, back for his second year in the same place and it would be nice to think he’s found a mate this time and every site I look at with suitable habitat, except the pits, seems to have a pair or more of Least Bitterns.

With the publication of the new Peterson guide to the moth of northeastern North America I can now work through my nine years worth of unidentified images while I wait for return migration to kick in, now, how many moth fans are there out there?

The photo is of a Red-winged Blackbird, it will improve with age.


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