Bad boy flycatcher

Down at St-Lazare sand pits the action has mostly been of a dragonfly nature but the year is ticking on and shorebird migration is underway. Both yellowlegs are now present and Killdeer numbers are up around 30, they will reach three figures in a couple of weeks. Least Sandpipers have also appeared with seven shufflling around the sandy spits. The Eastern Kingbirds have fledged young and at least one is taking dragonflies, my dragonflies from an exposed perch at the edge of the main lake. So far I’ve only seen it take large, common species, I’m hoping it leaves the amberwings alone but they seem a bit too quick for it.

Gulls are forming loafing groups, no Caspian Terns so far but they normally show up after fledging. Most of the Ring-billed Gulls are adults but a few birds of the year like the one below are also mixed in there. There is a lot of industiral activity with huge trucks transporting fill to a place I have yet to get to. They take no prisoners on the little gravel track and so I’ve kept out of their way. I’m not going to be able to check it out for week or so but suspect that they are infilling for yet another habitat destroying building project.

The bad boy Eastern Kingbird – all wet because he chases the dragonflies down right into the water.


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