I`ve been in Reno, Nevada for a couple of days or so, great town and friendly people but you don`t want to hear about that. The birding is good when I can get out, this is a work thing so I have to snatch opportunities when I can. Early morning the temperatures are mellow and the birds take advantage. As the day heats up to anything between 33C-37C it gets quieter and the wind joins in. After work, each birding session has been conducted in a near gale but the birds manage and so do I.

So far I`ve found 75 species plus seven dragonflies, two of which were new. I`ve had two lifers, the semi-ubiquitous American  Magpie and the Red-naped Sapsucker. I`m hoping for a couple more but July birding anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere is usually hard work. Here are a couple of photos, not too many opportunities there yet and the light blasts the white right out of range. More later.

California Gull – the default gull around Reno.

Yellow-headed Blackbird – a common bird around Washoe Lake.


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