More from Nevada

After a week of birding for a short time morning and evening I`m now approaching 100 species for my Nevada list! I hope to add a few more over the weekend then fly home via San Francisco where I should get Western Gull for the year. I got my Clark`s Nutcracker today, flight views only and I`m hoping for better Sunday when I revisit the area. Here are a small selection of photos, there are a few dragonflies over on the dragonfly blog for those interested.

American Avocet – this one had two small young so any duck getting within 30m got bashed.

Olive-sided Flycatchers are common here but always up on a high snag.

Fox Sparrows too are common.

California Quail – everywhere!


One thought on “More from Nevada

  1. Clarks Nutcracker – you must be happy – wasn’t he/she the bird you needed to go to BC to see! Strike one of your list! You should still though go to BC! I love your writing Mark – and your birds too – super shots!

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