Three night herons

The weekend produced good passage in the general area, including several groups of Red-necked Phalaropes. As I have yet to get a phalarope of any species to grace the pits, it seemed obvious that I should get down there and spend a bit of quality time with the shorebirds. I checked every corner of the wetland, nil on the phalarope front but three immature Black-crowned Night-Herons were a bonus, they are rare at the site although I don’t do dusk visits too often. The shorebirds overall were a bit reduced, only five Pectoral Sandpipers but still many Leasts and a few Semi-ps. The early start also gave me a couple of fly-over Bobolinks. Until this year they have been a tough find at the pits but a singing male in spring and now three autumn birds so far, things are looking up.

I wound up with 46 species for my two hour stay, I could have added more by doing the west end but enough was enough really. Below a digiscope shot of two of the three Black-crowned Night-Herons, I’m still lousy with the digiscoping I’m afraid. Also below a recent shot of a couple of Bobolinks, all yellow and striped and thinking of the Pampas.


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