Good pits passage

Out at St-Lazare sand pits today for a couple of hours. After a cool night the day warmed up to comfortable levels and a light breeze made it attractive for the hawks to move. The weather change saw a few warblers present with Blackpoll, Nashville, Palm and Orange-crowned joining an American Redstart and several Myrtle Warblers scattered along the south embankment. A Bobolink went over calling and two species that I have only seen once before at the site, Lincoln’s and Savannah Sparrow were nice surprises.

The shorebird numbers were low but what was there gave good views. Still no Black-bellied Plovers yet, perhaps the really low water will not be attractive to them. By 10.00 the hawks had started to pass through. No kettles but eight Broad-winged, five Red-shouldered and a few each Cooper’s and Sharp-shinned Hawks kept the smaller birds on their toes. When I added up, 44 species of bird, four species of dragonfly and seven species of butterfly made for a good few hours.

Not easy to get near the Lincoln’s Sparrows but great scope views.

Up to five Savannah Sparrows out in the now dry areas.

One of each yellowlegs – digiscoped.

As I was inching my way towards this Pectoral Sandpiper with the particularly mucky bill I glanced right and saw the Wilson’s Snipe below. It was a minute or more before it gave in and flew off in a panic.


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