More pits shorebirds

Today (21-Sept) is pretty grotty, weather wise. I didn’t see the Buff-breasted Sandpiper at the pits but the shorebirds do wander. New for the autumn were two Dunlin but everything else was distant in the murk. I predict the next spell of fine weather will see a southerly rush, yesterday the Blue Jays were moving in small numbers and we still haven’t had much hawk passage. While Buff-breast watching yesterday I took a few photos of Lesser and Greater Yellowlegs, some of the shorebirds are pretty tame at times.

Just to clarify for some what the pits are – St-Lazare sand pits are a sand extraction quarry which nature is trying to reclaim. It is not intensively worked by the owner and has a mosaic of habitats attractive to a range of species. See the tab at the top of the page for a map and more information. The pits are my local bird watching patch.

Current view of the pits from one of my regular vantage points. Until this year this was mostly all water with one island of sand and another of rocks. When I first started visiting in 2003 there was 50% less water than there is now.

A digiscoped shot of the Buff-breasted Sandpiper. I must be doing something wrong because the scope image rarely matches the photo, for some reason the camera keeps trying to focus elsewhere, I’ll read up.

Least Sandpiper – numbers down to 14 now.

A selection of Lesser Yellowlegs photos.

A digiscoped Greater Yellowlegs – it just sat there while I walked up to it.


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