Another for the year

Despite seemingly perfect for visible migration, today disappointed with only light passage from dawn to about 07.45. Out on the works the congregation of Canada Geese grows in size and volume but I still managed to pick out the first Greater White-fronted Goose for the year at the pits and two Cackling Geese. Anyone thinking of searching for the geese should get there before 08.00 when the digger starts up and the geese mostly go off to be shot.

In my never ending quest for a Winter Wren at the site I checked the pocket wood locating 30+ Dark-eyed Juncos and even five Hermit Thrushes but no wren. American Robins have arrived to clean up the remaining berry crop and the wood is a hive of activity, with many White-throated Sparrows present and still a few Ruby-crowned Kinglets.

The goose addition takes the pits year list to 166, I’ve updated the running list, click on the tab on the top to view it. Still no Osprey but there is still time.

Below a couple of photos, I’ll not bother naming them, I’m sure you clever people know what they are.


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