Fun time

Today was one of the visible migration days to be enjoyed. Light southerly winds, clear and warm and birds eager to get going south after a few days of blocking winds. It wasn’t a flood but a lively passage and thoroughly enjoyable. The highlights were the noisy flocks of Eastern Bluebirds that kept appearing, a Black-backed Woodpecker going past at eye-level and probably still around. I got the first pits Purple Finches for the year and a couple of Evening Grosbeaks went over although they started arriving yesterday. Another nice bird was a Fox Sparrow, something I don’t get every year down there. After England had done messing around with Poland in the soccer I went back and enjoyed a few passing hawks and found another four Fox Sparrows.

Here is the list for the day, no real photo ops but I did snap the first Snow Goose at the pits this autumn.

Canada Goose 800; Gadwall 1; American Wigeon 4; Greater Yellowlegs 2; Killdeer 3; Green-winged Teal 50; Mallard 50; Northern Pintail 1; Cackling Goose 1; Snow Goose 1; Sharp-shinned Hawk 1; Red-shouldered Hawk 3; Eastern Bluebird 34; Dark-eyed Junco 60; Chipping Sparrow 1; Black-backed Woodpecker 1; Hairy Woodpecker 3; Downy Woodpecker 2; White-breasted Nuthatch 3; American Robin 60; Rusty Blackbird 55; Common Grackle 1220; Red-winged Blackbird 30; Myrtle Warbler 9; Pine Siskin 24; Black-capped Chickadee; Blue Jay; American Crow 30; American Herring Gull 2; Ring-billed Gull; Common Starling 60; Evening Grosbeak 2; Northern Grey Shrike 1; Fox Sparrow 5; Brown-headed Cowbird 5; Common Raven 1; Purple Finch 3; Black Duck 3; American Goldfinch; Song Sparrow; Hooded Merganser 1; Great Blue Heron 3; Red-tailed Hawk 12; Turkey Vulture 9; Ruby-crowned Kinglet 4; Golden-crowned Kinglet 6; White-throated Sparrow 1; Northern Goshawk; Hermit Thrush. Plus a meadowlark species – too distant and a hybrid Snow x Canada Goose.


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