Ticks and misses

We ambled off to Ottawa today hoping to score with a Western Grebe that first showed up Tuesday. The bird had lingered mainly on the Quebec side so far during its stay but was always distant, today was no different, good scope views though. We then did a little tour of the Ottawa River shore going west from the Champlain Bridge. We ended up in Shirley’s Bay where a good congregation of duck included many Greater and some Lesser Scaup, two Surf Scoters, 10 Horned and three Red-necked Grebes. While we watched, 20 noisy Evening Grosbeaks flew over. Satisfied we went back east, calling at Alfred Sewage Lagoons on the way home. Plenty of duck were on display there too, nothing unusual but perhaps goodbye for the season to most of the species with winter around the corner – that was the ticks part.

Back home to an Internet connection we found that there had been a flock of Brants east of the Champlain Bridge but there’s more. A female Tufted Duck had been found in Shirley’s Bay after we’d left. In mittigation it was in an area that we couldn’t see but all the same, a Tufted Duck is a good Ontario bird and if we had stayed another hour…

Below a record shot of the Ottawa River only slightly obscured by what could be a Western Grebe. Also a photo of a few wary Canada Geese as they watched us from their field.

Sunday update – The Tufted Duck is a hybrid Scaup sp. x Tufted – saw photos of it on the web today. Just the missed Brants to be disappointed about.


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