Manky Goose

It was a coat, hat and gloves day today with temps around 4°C and a brisk wind. Naturally St-Lazare sand pits was where I went, hoping that I might get something interesting visit on the cold front. Cackling Geese have been around for a while but I’ve never had five together before, until now. Amongst the geese I came across a curiosity, a hybrid Greater White-fronted x Canada Goose. It was miles away and the mass was skittish but I got a couple of record shots showing the pale orange legs, pale bill and white face patch. Also out there on the nippy waves were four pristine male Buffleheads along with Hooded Mergansers, Lesser Scaup and Ring-necked Ducks.

It is getting late for shorebirds but a “shcreep” told me that Dunlin were around. I managed to locate the callers, three Dunlin accompanied by two adult White-rumped Sandpipers and then two Greater Yellowlegs, not bad for November 3rd. Small birds were scarce but five Common Redpolls is perhaps a sign of things to come.

I didn’t hear whether anyone else saw my Pacific Loon from November 1st, I told people by email and I sent the information in to the Quebec rare bird website but they either didn’t get the email or chose not to use it, I don’t know why. It seems that not many local birders made the effort to go out and see what Hurricane Sandy might have brought us, I wonder what slipped past us again!

Here are the record shots of the hybrid goose, lousy I know but not everything (or anything for that matter) is National Geographic standard.


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