Barmy (sic) temps

After the chills of the weekend it is now a balmy 11°C in Quebec. I was late out today, I had to go and be bashed about by my Chiropracter, the result is that I can now stand up straightish although I’ve decided to retire from competative gymnastics. By a fluke I went a different way to St-Lazare sand pits and chanced a feeding flock of 41 Bohemian Waxwings in a garden. A little further down the same road I saw a hawk come in to land on a utility pole, Rough-legged Hawk for the month list. Normally they fly away when you pass but this one sat and so I did a legal u-turn as my old sat-nav is wont to say and rattled a few frames off. It seemed quite indifferent to me so I got out of the car and approached, camera at the ready. Again it defied logic and started to hunt close to the road although always back on to me. I shifted to get the light better and clicked away hoping for it to turn. It did but to fly further away so I got as many flight shots as I could and was pleasantly surprised by the results.

At the pits I still have three Green-winged Teal but probably not for much longer, the cold comes back Thursday and snow is slated for later. Taking advantage of today’s fine weather I dipped into the woodland adjacent to the pits and sifted through a lively flock of 150+ Common Redpolls. I got a glimpse of a maybe Hoary before they scattered and spread themselves around a bit more.

Below are a few shots, enjoy.






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