Enough snow already.

It has been a week of weather in St-Lazare although I’d better qualify that statement, it has been a week of lousy weather if you hate the white stuff. Last Friday I had most of the day out with Graham from the UK. He visits occasionally and we go out and try to see what we can. This time Pine Grosbeak was high on the agenda, a great bird and something of a myth for Brits, I should know. After last Monday’s snow dump the roads and birds were settling down a bit and I saw grosbeaks Tuesday through Thursday. Friday it was almost ceaseless, horizontal snow for the duration, result – no grosbeaks. Although today is better, yesterday it still snowed most of the day and my personal mountain of roof-scraped snow is now six feet tall. More is forecast between now and Hudson CBC day, great!

The Friday out wasn’t all bad, we had lots of Wild Turkeys, Snow Buntings and Horned Larks plus a couple of Lapland Longspurs. The day tally came out at 25 species but it was hard going. Since then I’ve been fairly inactive. eBird is getting added to, half way through 2010, UK to 1986 done and all trips in. so just full notebooks from 1987 to 2009 to go, I hope the adjudicators had plenty of time on their hands.

It has been a while since we went anywhere. I was hoping to run some Panama trips in 2013 but costs have increased as the Gamboa Rainforest Lodge gets more popular although it is still $1500CAN cheaper to do a week there than at the famous birding lodges. We (Sandra and I) are going to Mexico in the New Year stopping near Puerto Vallarta. The region has many endemics and I’m hoping for 20 or so lifers, perhaps more. It was going to be a south Texas trip but sunshine won through for now.

I’ve not been snapping much but there are a few shots below. Next week I’ll start reviewing the photos I’ve taken during the year that I liked best and posting them again. In the event that I don’t post again until after December 25-26 have a good break.

IMG_6407 IMG_6584 IMG_6562 IMG_6548 IMG_6444



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