Today has been like a Manchester summer Sunday, wet, wet, wet. The temps have soared to 9°C and the snow on the roof is getting heavier as I write but no doubt the freeze will come along soon and make it all nice and glassy, watch those hips as you hit the deck.

The yucky weather has limited birding somewhat and it has been a bit frustrating, especially as a Yellow-headed Blackbird is out there at St-Etienne and I’ve not seen one in QC for a few years. A break in the weather yesterday let me out to look for any Great Grey Owls in the area with nil success but at least I didn’t find any more corpses. I did see a Snowy Owl out near St-Clet though plus a couple of Lapland Longspurs and a Merlin for the year. I’ve also been watching the redpoll flock in the garden, now about 200 strong and containing a minimum of three Hoary (Arctic) Redpolls plus everything in between. No obvious Greenland Redpolls yet but a few marginal candidates. I took a few photos and I’m posting my Hoary Redpoll ID page from a few years ago. I’m not going to caption any of the shots, think of it as a mental execise, the three Hoary Redpolls are in there somewhere. I think we are still some way from truly sorting these winter wasps out but I suppose they will have to wait behind the Red Crossbills, Thayer’s Gull, western-vs-eastern ‘species’ splits etc. before they get sorted.

As a rough guide, the first batch are Common Redpolls, the second lot Hoary. Quite a few are shot I’ve taken in previous years, I thought it would be good to look at as many images as possible.

Credpoll 20 Credpoll 21 credpoll 22 credpoll 23 credpoll 24 credpoll 25 credpoll 26 credpoll 28 credpoll 29 credpoll 30 credpoll 31 credpoll 32 credpoll 33 credpoll 34 credpoll 35 Credpoll1 Credpoll2 Credpoll3 credpoll4 Credpoll5 Credpoll6 credpoll7 credpoll8 Credpoll9 Credpoll10 Crepll1 crepll2 crepll3 crpoll1 IMG_4379 IMG_4388 IMG_6217 IMG_6548 IMG_7067 (2) IMG_7078 (2) IMG_7086 (2) IMG_7092 (2) IMG_7095 (2) IMG_7098 (2) IMG_7099 (2) IMG_7115 (2) IMG_7117 (2) IMG_7121 (2) IMG_7128 (2) IMG_7132 (2) IMG_7138 (2) Mealypoll 1 Mealypoll2 pll3 (2) poll polls1 polls2 polls3 polls4 polls5 polls6 polls7 polls8 polls9 polls10 polls11 polls12 repoll2bigpoll1 bigpoll2 bigpoll3 bigpoll4 bredpoll2 bredpoll3 bredpolls4 bredpolls5 bredpolls6 brepoll1 exilipes not exilipes perhaps exilp1 Exilp2 Hoary exilipes 1 Hoary poll Hoary Redpoll hornemanni1 hornemanni2 hornemanni3 hornemanni4 hpllo (2) hrop1 hrop2 hrop3 hrp1 hrp2 hrp3 HRP4 hrpll4 (2) hrpll7 (2) hrpollrump (2) IMG_6696 IMG_6723 IMG_6740 IMG_7113 (2) IMG_7148 (2) nearlyhoary Redpolls snowball1 (2)


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