Despite all the warnings I managed to survive five minutes outside today although, to be fair, it was nippy. I had a quick look around St-Clet and coming up with one Snowy Owl which was likely a female but, since the ageing of them is still a mystery, I’ll stick with calling it a female type. I managed a rough digishot – below two examples of nearly the same photo, I included both to show how photoshop does things differently. The overcooked one is using the auto settings, I adjusted the other one slightly, perhaps it needs more.

I think tonight is to be the coldest for some time. The birds certainly know it, there has been a rapid empty of the nyger feeders by the redpolls today. I’m hoping to get a chance at photographing one of the Greenland Redpolls which have been around the area but not at our feeders so far. From memory they are loath to use hanging feeders, preferring to grovel about on the floor or on a table if it is big enough.




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