Bit of snow.

My friend Graham was over from the UK today so we went out searching for Barred Owls. Our choice of venue was Morgan Arboretum, usually fairly reliable for Barred Owls and easy to access if you have $6.00 on you (each). The weather was a bit snowy and the driving vertical flakes made it tricky to see which is my excuse for failing to find one. We walked two trails all the way (thanks to Chris for the advice) but the Barred Owls were sensibly tucked up somewhere, not so the Great Grey Owl below. It epitomised the species, sat hunched on a branch eight feet off the ground and accumulating snow as a cap. I used my new sub-compact camera in quite dodgy light and am pleased with the result. I got a good price on a Nikon P510 with 42x zoom, a good alternative to lugging the ‘big’ camera around everywhere and a chance for me straighten up!

After Morgan we drove the roads to Cap St-Jacques but it was a bit tricky and bird life limited to a 150 strong flock of ‘waxwings’ which flew over, completely ignoring the delicious looking Buckthorn in abundance. After such a cold morning in the field I can now count the number of species seen on the remaining fingers of both hands, seven!

DSCN0056 DSCN0062


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