First few days in Reno, Nevada

Spring birding in the driest state in the Union has been fun so far although my birding time is severly limited at the moment by my having to work! I managed a couple of hours last Sunday evening and then morning and evenings so far this week. Photo ops have not been spectacular but I`ve mostly been distracted with looking for White-headed Woodpeckers without success.

Local to the hotel is a nice wetland which is teeming with Marsh Wrens, I`ve never seen so many in one place. The same site had a hunting Short-eared Owl yesterday plus a lone Tundra Swan. Today I found my first American Avocet of the trip. When I get to the weekend the pace will quicken and I`m hoping for a few lifers. So far my trip list is a modest 60 species but I`m adding to it every day which is good.

Below a handful of photos, all taken with the Nikon P510 which seems to have a mind of its own sometimes when it comes to getting things in focus!

DSCN0419 DSCN0423  DSCN0444 DSCN0454


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