Better views

I was at Galena Creek SP this morning as the sun rose. The car was frosty and the wind chill made itself felt but there were a few birds on view. Yesterday there had been a report of Black-headed Grosbeaks in Carson City so I hoped they might have made it up here but no, not just yet. As I walked one of the trails a movement caught my eye and a White-headed Woodpecker shinned up a bare spike and began to sun itself. It was some way off the trail but I got a better shot than last time, I even got a record shot as it hit a lower trunk and began tapping. It may be that it was excavating, I saw another bird nearby, a pair, so I’ll keep an eye on that spot next week.

This evening it had become windy and cold but clear so I checked out the Carot Lane pools near the hotel. One Yellow-headed Blackbird, 40 Cinnamon Teal (I bet they taste of Chicken though) and 10 American Avocets were the highlights in a brief foray. Tomorrow, who knows where I’ll wash up, watch this space. Below two shots of the pecker, not briliant but certainly an improvement on last time.

DSCN0701 DSCN0711


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