Finally, spring

The mercury is finally climbing and the birds are responding to the urge to get on with making more birds by rushing ‘home’ as fast as their little wings will take them. Migration has been pretty good this week, between rain, and today was no different. Regular readers will know that I watch at St-Lazare sand pits, a site that, until a couple of weeks ago I would have been lucky to break double figures at for two hours worth of watching. Today I managed 44 species during my morning watch including first of the season (FOS) Eastern Bluebird, Vesper Sparrow and Broad-winged Hawk.

Encouraged by this success I tried for FOS Savannah Sparrow on the local farmlands and got one. While searching, I messed about taking photos with the ‘big’ and ‘little’ cameras of the same subject at the same range, results, such as they are, below. SS1 and BK1 (hover your mouse over the photo) are from the big camera. Not much difference if the subject is not too far away.

Realising that I needed another couple of year birds for 100 (in Quebec) I went to my regular lookout over the river below the St-Timothee hydro, it was quite good. Lots of wildfowl as usual for this time of year, only Northern Shoveler of the regular species was missing. The move also proved a success in that I added Swamp Sparrow and Osprey to the tally, only 99 to go for 200! The view below is from the fleuve watchpoint. When I first starting going there is was a quiet little spot, now the bridge has gone in it will become more housing and pressure and probably not worth bothering with. Little by little ‘they’ nibble our World away, sad really.

SS1 BK1 DSCN1054 SS2 BK2


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