Diving loons

Sometimes you need a change of scenery and, no matter how good my local patch at St-Lazare sand pits has been recently, today was the day. Obviously I went somewhere else after I’d been to the pits where, incidentally, I had a very early Semipalmated Plover. My choice of pastures newish was Hungry Bay at the southern entrance to the Beauharnois Canal. It was a pleasant day and the visibility good. A few Common Loons were doing a circuit so I sat and waited for one to come close. They never did but I managed a few record shots. I did find a couple of FOS Red-necked Grebes though and enjoyed watching 18 Buffleheads frolic, always a special bird for me. Also nice year birds were a trio of Bonaparte’s Gulls making it well worth burning all those fossil fuels that would otherwise have been used by school buses or people bouncing about the countryside on ATVs.

Grasping the Bull by the nuts I went on to Dundee where two pairs of Sandhill Cranes were sitting tight. I saw little else until I was leaving, when a young Bald Eagle flew around a bit doing aerial gymnastics for no apparent reason. I was about to award it 5.5 for the unexpected perfomance when one of the local Ospreys dive-bombed it, prompting a broader range of movement and so I increased the score to 7.1.

Below the record shots, back around the pits for a bit longer tommorow and I will find a Winter Wren, eventually.

IMG_8391 IMG_8453 IMG_8447 IMG_8435 IMG_8512 IMG_8501 IMG_8489 IMG_8477



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