Still waiting

A morning at I’le Bizard on Saturday was interesting but lacked any sign of grounded migrants. Bird of the trip was a lone Black Tern although the cacophony of Virginia Rails was pretty good. One Marsh Wren is building a nest very close to the boardwalk but tended to vanish as it got within lens range, it will relax more when it is occupied with mouths to feed. Swamp Sparrows were abundant, as were Hooded Mergansers but only the sparrows were truly photogenic.

By mid-morning the sun had reappeared and odes took center stage, see the odes page for the write up and photos. The forecast for the next few days is a dip in temperature and some rain. It has not produced any warblers out west of Montreal yet but the city hotspots are producing. Perhaps as much a result of extensive coverage, little slips through Summit Park unseen at this time of year.

We are now entering the main period of warbler migration and I hope that we get nice fallout sometime within the next few days. We nearly headed off for the Northern Lapwing but, once again, made the right call to stick, I hope it flies strongly west for a few hours, Baie du Febvre would suit it well!

IMG_9612 IMG_9610 IMG_9595 IMG_9588 IMG_9564 IMG_9556 IMG_9539


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