Bucketing down

June has proved to be a pretty lousy month so far. Cold, windy and raining, is that what we have to look forward to for the rest of the summer? I pity the migrants that arrived in May all eager to start replicating; there can be few insects for them on these cold days although the Mosquitoes seem happy enough judging by my bites.

I had hoped to miss Global Warming wiping out species but it looks like I may have to suffer it with the rest of you – a few more summers like this and we will see the impact, the only people who will be rubbing their hands will be the power companies and windshield wiper manufacturers! Actually that statement asks an interesting question. If the Northern Hemisphere turns genuinely cold over the next few years and everyone needs to have their heating on 24/7, at what point does power become supplied without profit as an essential resource? Never going to happen is it.

I have been out despite the weather. Aside from visiting St-Lazare sand pits to see whether they have stopped messing about with machinery yet I did drop in at Bordelais Bog to see whether an Canada Warblers came back – not this year unfortunately. On the one warmer morning we had the Garter Snakes were out sunning themselves, I saw three including one about 1m long and very red underneath.  A few butterflies were abroad too including a Viceroy. Because of the paucity of insects I actually took the time to look at one of the blue butterflies, all of which I had tended to ignore as being wither azures or Eastern Tailed. I was quite surprised to find that we have Silvery Blue here too, a tick.

In the garden the hummer feeders are visited many times a day by a male and female Ruby-throated Hummingbird so they may be nesting nearby. I’ve been trying the small camera on flying hummers to see whether I dare leave the big one behind for our next trip. The photos below were in low light and my musings are inconclusive, it seems somehow wrong not to be lugging the big one through customs. I know that one day they will say it is not allowed in hand luggage as it might be used to attack someone and perhaps photograph their bad side.

For the next four days I’m going to be out birding with Colin from the UK. He’s a Chelsea fan but what can you do – I’ll have to tell him all about the time I saw my team (Nottingham Forest) beat them 6-1. We are going to be covering a fair bit of southern Quebec and north to Tremblant and so I don’t know when I’ll next post anything. The forecast is damp but I’ll take the small camera and if Colin gets attacked by a Bear at Tremblant then least I can get footage in HD for YouTube and the camera is image stabilised so the quality will not be affected by my filming while running!

Below some photos to decorate the post – nothing to write home about.

DSCN1270 DSCN1279 DSCN1282 DSCN1285 DSCN1289 DSCN1296 DSCN1298 DSCN1339 DSCN1344


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