Green season in Panama

Sandra and I have just returned from a week in Panama. This visit was our third to this excellent birding country but this time we broke with ‘tradition’ and decided to take the cheaper  option of a beach hotel complex instead of the Gamboa Rainforest Resort. The intention was to target some of the Pacific lowland specialities and have a vacation. It worked out reasonably well.

We found 182 species including nine lifers. We had two nights away from the hotel part-way through, stopping at a B&B in El Valle. We drove around with no issues on mostly good roads and found the Panamanians to be excellent and tolerant hosts.

Below is a shot of a much wanted species that we finally found, Mangrove Cuckoo. We have looked for it in several places, including the ultra-buggy trails of southern Florida and so it was quite ironic that we should find one in a trackside tree.  To add to the irony we had only stopped the car to view another lifer, Crested Bobwhite, as it pottered around on the dusty track, such is birding.

More photos to follow when I process them.



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