Various stuff

I thought that it was time for a mix and match post with a few photographs of various things and nary a bird in sight. First up are a few butterflies, an insect group that do not seem to have had a great season this year. The species are: Peck’s Skipper; Roadside Skipper and American Painted Lady a species that has arrived at the pits in small numbers recently.

P1070847 DSCN1947 IMG_1214

Bird-wise the pits remain interesting although the shorebirds are often hard to get a good look at. A pits year tick last Friday was a Great Egret but it seems to have been a one-day wonder as the BPQ trip to the pits yesterday didn’t report it. This coming week is ‘go find a nighthawk’ time as around now is the start of their southward push and the pits usually has a few around dusk time.

At home we have a small pond, just 6’ x 4’, a hole filled with water that freezes solid in the winter. The ponds hosts a few frogs and toads and we get the odd dragonfly show interest, some egg laying. While we were doing some house reno Saturday I passed the pond and was surprised to see a Garter Snake sitting on the Pennywort mat, probably snacking on frogs or hoping to.

Below are a few photos of the event and an American Toad pretending not to be there. There is also a nice photo of a Grasshopper species – they are abundant right now.

DSCN1966 P1080131 P1080132 P1080134 P1080133 P1080079


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